The 2009 Arc Biennial of Art presents an exciting and innovative series of Australian and international artworks in two key historical Brisbane sites and regional and city venues. It takes a big step out of the old traditional gallery space to engage physically and virtually with places and communities.

This is a biennial that attempts to shine a light on new ways of making and thinking about art.


Presented by Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

In the spirit of the new, 101 Ways to Make New Art is an adjunct program to the 2009 Arc Biennial. The program takes a more participatory approach to developing and discussing ideas than the traditional series of talk fests, even though on offer are forums directly related to exhibitions and one major forum titled Control of the New which aims to throw the cat amongst the pigeons. The highlight of the 101 ways to make new art is the use of the web to gather and share ideas and a series of practical workshops for artists on methodologies to develop new work. Outcomes will include a new publication and workshops post the biennial.

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